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Guitar Lessons

Kids Guitar lessons

Our little musicians are the future rockers of the world, ready to harness all of the awesomeness that comes from being able to rock out on the guitar! At our studio, we take teaching our younger students music education very seriously, as they will eventually set the precedent for future music generations to come as well! We take pride in teaching our beginning guitar students!


Children's guitar lessons

As with all of our students, a defined curriculum will be created for each individual child, so that their learning experience is as rewarding as it is fun! We take care in setting the foundations in good guitar playing for our students, so that in their future they will have the knowledge and know-how to continue their pursuit of this amazing artform! All students are supplied with physical folders as well as digital folders to keep track of their supplemental material.

If your child has expressed interest in taking guitar lessons, look no further than our studio! We have free trial lessons available for families that are interested in signing up, so there is no downside to this opportunity! To schedule your lesson, give us a call at (609)-351-5547, or feel free to email us at

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