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Guitar lessons for teenagers

If you are a teenager yourself and want to learn to play the guitar, or if you are a parent looking for a school to send your teenager to for guitar lessons, we’d strongly suggest contacting us and scheduling a free trial lesson! We have the facility and curriculum to make sure that the student is engaged with the material! We have a few teenagers already enrolled in classes, and they’ve seen a great growth in their playing ability since they started taking lessons with us!

Guitar Player

Teenage Guitar Lessons

Our instructors will learn about songs you enjoy listening to, then incorporate them into your curriculum to make sure that you’re learning how to play some tunes that make you feel good! Our instructors take that extra time to make sure that printouts of the material will always be ready for you during the lesson.


Additionally, all of our students receive their own virtual lesson folder that will contain a myriad of supplemental songs as well, all supplied by the studio! Whatever genres of music you prefer to listen to, our instructors will also take time to make sure that you have options when challenging yourself on the guitar! We have seen a great response from our teenage students in our lesson programs,

To schedule your lesson, give us a call at (609)-351-5547, or feel free to email us at  Let’s start jamming today!

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